Programmable Global Alert Monitoring System

Insite is a user-managed monitoring system (PGAMS), that enables you to remotely self-monitor your apartment, home, office or any mobile asset. It has numerous industry specific capabilities that allow it to monitor data centers, industrial devices, liquid levels, pressures, voltages, tower lighting, oilfield equipment and many other applications.

  • Alarms and data are instantly delivered by SMS text directly to your personal cell phone. In the USA and some other countries, Insite i2 can deliver the text message directly to email as well.
  • Insite can be programmed to deliver pre-set messages to as many as 100 different recipients, each according to the alarm or detected event. Call escalation now allows up to 12 programmed calls per event.   > More

Property Worth Monitoring

Insite Communications is in the business of providing peace of mind for you and monitored protection for that which you hold dear. Discover ways we can help you protect your family, home, condo, boat or other assets. > More

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Monitor & Control From Afar

Insite Communications is the manufacturer of Insite, a fully integrated monitoring and tracking device that delivers alarms and information to your cell phone as text messages.  > More

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